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Founded on February 1, 1950 as a Benevolent Corporation with the goal to improve the quality of member's Polled Hereford cattle by the exchange of ideas and experience among members at meetings, shows, and sales, activities and closer relationships encouraged by the association.


Central Missouri Polled Hereford Breeder's Association

CMPHBA History
   The Central Missouri Polled Hereford Breeder's Association was organized in Linn, Missouri in June 1952, as an effort to promote the Polled Hereford breed.  Early members sought to exchange ideas at association meetings and cooperate to present their cattle at annual shows and sales.
   Over the past sixty years, more than one hundred sales of quality hereford cattle have been hosted by the Associaton.  Under the early leadership of Mr. Richard Seifert, as president, and Mr. Lawrence Renn as secretary & treasurer, the Association grew beyond the limits of Linn, Missouri, and became a collaboration of breeders throughout Central Missouri.
   In the Fall of 2012, Valley View Farms was recognized as the only breeder who has sold in every sale since the founding of the Association.  That tradition continues through his sons and grandsons, who are active members to this day.
   Today, the Association owes its longevity to the tradition of selling high quality Polled Hereford cattle to breeders across the country.  Cattle purchased at their sales have gone on to win championships at the Denver National Shows.

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